Ooo! Excitement! Can’t wait to share this one with you!

My new go-to recipe for icing!

Time spent (I say ‘time’ because I rarely spend hours, thanks to the easy recipes I use and love) in the kitchen baking up a storm. Now for the topping.

I always get stuck here. It’s the silliest thing. Icings are not so difficult but I LIKE two-steps and… voila!

So, as most are “too” much work. I’m always looking for the easiest ones possible.

My all-time favorite is Chocolate Ganache Icing! Made from just two ingredients, it sinks a little into the top of whatever wonderful baked goodie it’s poured on.

It has an incredibly smooth and glossy finish that appears as it settles which makes you feel like an absolute pro at icing! And of course, the taste is heavenly!

If you’ve never had it, the next cake you make MUST be graced with that divine topping. And little secret – it’s SO easy! I’m not one of those it’s-so-easy-but-it-really-isn’t-types, so believe me, definitely worth a try! Get the recipe!

So, back to the latest recipe that I want to tell you about!

Because I cannot – will not keep chocolate in my fridge. It’s too tempting to keep so is always eaten very quickly and, alas, as a sad result, I very often do not have an entire (if any, lol) bar of chocolate available and so I must turn to other less-satisfying icings. Until I found this one.

You can read my disclosure here.

I’d just made a super-easy-you-don’t-even-grease-the-pan, Chocolate Cake.

Love, love, love it when the greasing is not necessary! I like it plain but it does need a topping to properly do it justice – so it was icing time.

No chocolate in the fridge, no surprise there!

I hate buttercream icing so not an option and water icing – let’s not go there.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had plain yogurt in the fridge. I just KNEW there had to be a great “healthy” recipe somewhere on Pinterest that used plain yogurt to make icing.

I found some great ones! But they were a bit more complicated than I had hoped.

So I made my own! It doesn’t get easier than this! It’s just two ingredients and you can literally make it in five minutes!

It’s gorgeously smooth and glossy and can be considered “healthier.”

It has a slight tanginess that adds a wonderful twist to your baking and BEST of all, it’s just two ingredients that you probably don’t need to visit the shops for!

So here’s the super basic, quick and easy combination of just yogurt and icing sugar. If you’d like to save it for later, just click the download button below the recipe card.

yogurt icing - two-ingredient icing - healthy icing -
Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

Just a tip – although it’s nice on chocolate cake, the flavors don’t go as well as they would on a vanilla or lemon cake. The tanginess of the yogurt icing would compliment a vanilla or lemon cake perfectly!

Leave a comment when you’ve tried it? I’d love to hear what you think!

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