When Your House Needs Something New, Try This Wood Stain!

Don’t you ever feel bored with how your home looks? Like it needs something new to freshen things up a bit? I definitely do and I have an easy-to-make wood stain to help you do just that! It’s super easy to make, looks beautiful, and is incredibly effective!

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With my decorating, I’m all about keeping the bigger furnishings plain. Curtains, lounge suite, carpets, wallpaper, anything that takes up a large space.

I add color and style to the detail. That way when I feel the overwhelming need for change that drives me to re-decorate it’s so easy.

Just changing the small things gives the house a whole new look and feel without blowing the budget.

DIY Home Decor

So whenever I change my decor I have lots of fun using different DIY techniques that are simple yet effective! This is one I love and have recently decided our home needs more of.

It’s a technique used for staining wood. Unlike paint that covers over the grain of the wood making it one color, a stain changes the color and brings out the different patterns of the wood grain!

wood stain - oxidation liquid - home decor - re-decorate - accordingtojo.com
Tray stained with oxidation liquid.
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This stain, depending on how strong you make it, causes the lighter tones of the wood to turn a light whitish, silver, and darker tones to turn a lovely gray.

It’s absolutely gorgeous!

How To Make and Use the Wood Stain

All you’ll need is some steel wool, a bottle of white vinegar, a glass jar, and a small piece of whatever wood you want to stain. Use superfine grade steel wool like this one.

Place some of the steel wool into the glass jar and then cover it with vinegar. Close the lid and let it sit. It’ll bubble and change color so don’t get worried.

Allow it to sit for five hours and don’t shake or stir it. Soon you’ll have your stain which is called oxidation liquid.  

While it’s sitting take your piece of wood and sand it down. Clean it completely of dust and then paint a small section with your oxidation liquid being careful not to leave any metal splinters from the steel wool on the wood.

You won’t see anything at first. The wood will just look wet but wait a few minutes, and allow the magic to happen. As the wood dries the stain begins to show!

I like my stain to appear darker. So I leave mine for twelve hours.

To find the tone you like best keep testing a small section of wood and mark the hours. Once you know what you like you can make it to that exact tone.

When you have the tone you want, carefully strain out the wire wool and pour the vinegar back into your jar. Just remember to label it with the hours so that when it runs out you can make more.

Just a few short steps and you have your gorgeous stain!!

I use it on anything and everything I want to.

wood stain - oxidation liquid - home decor - re-decorate - accordingtojo.com
I stained the wood with oxidation liquid and then added the protea.
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A few helpful tips.

Choose the piece of furniture, tray, or decor piece you want to stain. Every wood stains differently. So to see if you like it, test it on a spot that can’t be seen before staining the whole thing.

If it’s a new item that you made, sand it very smoothly before painting the stain on. If it’s an old one you may need to strip off old varnish or paint and then sand it down.

Once your item is smooth, make sure it’s completely free of dust and then paint it evenly with your wood stain.

Allow it to dry completely. The color will look rough and gray. Once dry it will no longer feel smooth so you’ll need to sand it again until smooth. As you sand you’ll notice the color will change and seem more silvery and soft.

Remember the stain is not a protective layer it just changes the color of the wood. So make sure you seal your item to protect it from stains, watermarks, cleaning products and dust.

But before you start always test your sealer on an area that won’t be seen as some sealers tend to change the color of the wood stain.

You’ll have to sand and dust between coats of sealer as well if you want a smooth soft, polished-looking finish.

wood stain - home - decor - oxidation liquid - oxidized wood - accordingtojo.com

I’ve had so much fun with this and just love the feeling of satisfaction I get when I finish a project that looks professional and is a beautiful and tasteful addition to my home!

I simply adore the soft flowing tones of oxidized wood.

This DIY is a keeper. I’d love to know if you try it out! The cost-effectiveness is a huge pro and it’s just lovely. Picture frames, tables, mirror frames, just about anything. It adds a very elegant and modern feel anywhere it’s used.

I hope you have as much fun and satisfaction as I did from this wood staining technique! I’d love to hear if you try it!

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