My Latest DIY Resulted In This Vintage Tray!

Often the urge to do something creative hits me hard and I cannot sit still until I make something! I love making things! 

My projects have grown and changed as my tastes have. But one thing that hasn’t changed?

My love for DIY! I seriously doubt that it ever will!

So on one of my I’m-going-to-go-crazy-if-I-don’t-make-something-pretty-right-now impulses, I made a vintage tray.

vintage tray - DIY - home decor -

It’s simple, elegant, and modern.

You can read my disclosure here.

The How-to

Here are the eight simple steps to make this beautiful vintage tray.

  1. Decide the size you’d like. I went with 30cm x 43.7cm for the base and 6.8cm x 30cm for the side supports.
  2. Get your supplies.
  • Laminated wood cut to your size for the base.
  • Pine planks cut to your size for the side supports.
  • Two handles. Make sure there are screws with them that are long enough to reach through the thickness of the base and side supports combined.
  • Wood Glue
  • Sand Paper. Get a rough and a fine one to finish off.
  • Steel Wool
  • White Vinegar

3. Prepare your stain. It’s super easy, find out how to make this gorgeous wood stain here and next time you’re dying to do a DIY you’ll have the perfect stain to use! Check out this lovely protea wall art I made using the stain.

4. While your stain is processing, sand your wood. Once it’s at the level of smoothness you’re happy with dust it carefully.

5. Paint the base and side supports with your stain. Don’t apply stain to the area where you will glue the side supports to the base. *Allow it to dry completely*

6. Sand again, spray with up to four coats of sealer depending on the strength of the sealer, sanding in between coats to achieve a smooth, soft finish.

7. Apply wood glue to both the base and the side supports and allow to set. Follow instructions on the glue container for best results.

8. Fit handles. Use a clean drill, (if you don’t own a drill, this cordless drill works well). Place masking tape over the area and with a soft pencil mark where you want the handles before drilling.

vintage tray - home decor - gift -

Voila! You Did It!

And congratulations! Eight simple steps and a little hard work and you have your stunning tray ready to find a place in your home or be given as a gorgeous gift!

Let me know if you try out this DIY! I’d love to hear from you!

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