Life throws you lemons – Make lemonade?

We’ve all heard it, but living that statement – that’s another story entirely! Because those tough times can be really, really tough!

Sometimes, the “hard stuff” doesn’t seem to end. We feel like after a certain period of time it should have. When I get to that point, I start to question, “why?”

Why does everything seem to go wrong? Why can’t we just get a break? Why can’t we see God in the situation? Where is He? Does He care? Is it a game?

It’s so easy to slip into a very dark and dismal place – and it’s normal.

The Fight

Life throws unending stress, relentless pressure, loss, unbearable grief, lack of sleep, illness, and so much more, into the boiling pot and gives it a good stir.

And I fight back. At first, I fight with all the energy and skill of a seasoned warrior. The fight is hard and the battle long and as time passes life continues to get in some good punches and I become weary.

The determined resolve and patience, energy and optimism, that I began with, have worn thin and have begun to fade into a faint memory of better days.

The blues hit hard and I see no way out.

You can read my disclosure here.

My Strength Won’t Get Me Through

Without option or hope, I finally realize I’ve done it again. I’ve faced life in my own strength, without thought of the Helping Hand, held out to me.

The ever-patient hand of Jesus, who is constantly there, walking beside me, silent.

He sees our struggle, He knows our pain, Psalm 58:6 says that He catches our tears in a bottle, His heart breaks for us as He watches, but He remains silent, waiting.

I so often ask, “Why are you silent, God?” “Don’t you care?” “Can’t You see the mountains we face; the heartbreak we carry?”

The unspoken answer resounds in my soul.

He Does Not Impose

He is silent because He is waiting for me to ask Him to help, to guide, to encourage, to comfort, to carry, to protect, and to advise.

Jesus is always with us, but He does not impose on us. He gives us free will to do what we think best with our lives. While we fail and struggle along, in our own strength, He walks beside us waiting to answer as soon as we call.

But we have to call. We need to call.

Too many times, I pick up the batten and run the race of life that I cannot finish alone.

None of us can.

Even young men stumble and fall, but those who wait on the Lord will soar on wings, as eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint.  

Make The Hard Times Good

If we ask Him to be there in every “hard thing” that life throws our way our perspective will be different and the “hard times” will be good times, as God uses them to work in our hearts.

At the same time, we will not be overwhelmed because, by His grace, He will carry us as He works, and there will be a beautiful picture in our mind of only one set of footprints in the sand. Read about how His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

And so, when tough times come, as hard and fast as a lemon flying through the air, we need to pause and ask God to help us deal with whatever the situation may be and to rely on His strength and wisdom so that we don’t reach “burnt out”.

And then – Lemonade!

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