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Ok, so just to give you a heads up. This money-saving tip is quite unusual. I’m pretty sure you won’t have heard it before!

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It’s called a spoontula. 

It was almost four years ago when my husband and I discovered it. And let me tell you it has been one of the best things we have ever used.

Surprisingly it has saved us four years worth on cooking utensils and pots and pans.

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The Unusual Money Saving Tip

I know it’s hard to believe that a spoon could save money. And I also know that the younger me would have laughed if she had known that I would be getting excited about a spoon that protects the surfaces of my pots and pans.

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But I guess that’s where I’m at now. We all have to make budget plans and we all have to work hard to look after our stuff.

Anything to save money and reach those dreams, right?

Jokes aside let me tell you a bit about this awesome spoon and how it saved us money.

Preserving Non-Stick Cookware

We use non-stick pots and pans in our kitchen. I love them. Because of the non-stick surface, you can use a lot less oil or avoid using any which I love because I’m not a huge fan of oily food. Non-stick pots and pans are also much easier to clean. 

They do have one downside though. Their amazing non-stick surface is very fragile! I can’t tell you how many pots, pans, and baking trays have been ruined because they ended up with scratches on them.

I get overly upset about it. It’s probably a bit dramatic. I know it’s just a pan. Or it’s just a baking tray. But when it’s the third one in six months that needs replacing, a little drama is completely understandable!

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Of course, we’re super careful with the utensils we use while cooking. And also when washing we make sure that our sponges are soft and our water hot so that we can prevent rubbing them with a scratchy sponge. 

However, they still get damaged. And once there’s a scratch on the non-stick surface you may as well just throw the item away. I know that sounds drastic but if you use non-stick cookware then you know that any scratches mean, it’s ruined.

Usher in the reign of the Spoontula –

It really is the best money-saving tip for this year! 

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The “Spoontula”

We have owned one in four years! Believe me, I wish we had bought more as we’ve never been able to find the same brand again. In all honesty, we haven’t needed any other cooking utensils such as spoons or an egg flip. 

The spoontula is super versatile. As you can see in the picture, it just looks like a normal spoon. But because of the flexible silicone head, it has become our favorite spoon for most cooking!

We don’t just use it for stirring and scraping dishes clean, we actually also use it as a flip because the narrow tip of the spoon allows it to slip easily under things like eggs or pancakes. 

Try these delicious Cinnamon Pancakes!

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We use it for pretty much all our cooking. Ours has lasted four years and is still going. It’s a little worn but is still our spoon of choice! If you’re a lover of minimalism then this spoon is definitely for you since you won’t need much else in your kitchen!

As I told you I haven’t been able to find the same brand again, but after doing a little research I found this amazing set. 

The second from the left is the fabulous spoontula! These are a different make to mine but exactly the same thing and this one comes with awesome friends!

I would highly recommend buying these! And then happy cooking guys because you’re going to be saving yourself four years worth of money on pots, cooking utensils, baking trays, and all of your precious non-stick cookware. 

So that’s my top tip for saving money this year and next and the year after!

I hope that tip was worth your time! It's certainly worth every word of this article! 
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