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I value my time and resent spending forever in the kitchen.

Because of this, I made a list and added five freezable meals to help you organize your cooking and save yourself the extra hours!

This list helped cut my cooking time in half!

Read Bulk Cooking Because You Have Better Things To Do if you’re interested in finding out how this list could simplify your life.

The article is a little sneak peek into one of my many blonde moments! Here are a few words from the article –

"All that killer kitchen time, the endless meals that are eaten in about one-quarter of the time they took to make, blinking in the light of the refrigerator willing some form of creativity that is clearly not there to spring up and help you decide what to make – again. I’ve done this. Over and over again. Until I got so incredibly sick of it and discovered the best solution! Bulk Cooking."

Keep an eye on this page because I’ll be keeping it updated with my latest quick and easy, delicious, recipes!

If you have recipes you’d like simplified, share them in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to recreate the recipes minus a few ingredients. Excited for your suggestions!

By the way, we’ve just had an unexpected diet change and as a result, our home menu has taken on a whole new look!

So when I’ve wrapped my head around it all; I’ll be sharing some new and exciting meals and baked goodies with you.

Finally, what you came for!

All the recipes I share here are my favorites. They’re either “the favorites that will never change” or simply “the favorite at the time”.

Most are quick and easy and many of them are made using only two ingredients. Those are the best, right?

*Here’s to making the cooking part of life enjoyable!*


Recipes download chocolate ganache -

Chicken Satay Skewers

satay chicken skewers -
– Chicken Satay Skewers – We recently went to an event that we had to take a plate of snacks to. I didn’t want to make any of my normal recipes because I’d made them a thousand times and I was bored with them. So I decided to try making some chicken satay skewers. This…

Three-Ingredient Bliss Balls – Easy Snack Recipe

bliss balls - three-ingredient snack - easy recipe - celiac - gluten-free -
– Three-Ingredient Bliss Balls – Often I can get through the day being relatively healthy. But somehow after dinner, I always crave something sweet. That’s the perfect time for some yummy bliss balls! Chocolate was a favorite until my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease. Unfortunately, most chocolates have gluten in them so we had…

Easy Recipe For Gluten-Free Pancakes

gluten free pancake recipe - pancake recipe -
– Gluten-Free Pancakes – On Saturdays, we eat less healthily and so we call that our cheat day. And believe me, we make good use of it and fill our menu with exciting food we don’t normally eat during the week! We love gluten-free pancakes and they’ve become one of our favorite breakfasts to have…

Two-Ingredient Gluten-Free Dough

two-ingredient gluten-free dough -
Versatile Two-Ingredient Gluten-Free Dough When you follow a gluten-free or celiac diet sometimes it’s so easy to feel like there is absolutely nothing you can eat. Nice things like pizza are usually off-limits. It’s pretty rough but chin up, because this two-ingredient gluten-free dough will open up a whole new world of tasty baked goodies…

Tasty Tornadoes – A Savory Snack Recipe

tasty tornadoes - shortcrust pastry - ham - cheese - easy snacks - recipes -
– A Perfect Appetizer – Want a delicious taste of cheesy, hammy, pastry, goodness? Tasty Tornadoes are just that and my mouth is watering just thinking about them! I had a sheet of pastry in the freezer and a craving for something savory. And out of that, the recipe was born. If you’ve used my…

Three-Ingredient Salad

salad - three-ingredient - easy recipe - carrots - sweetcorn - chickpeas -
This Carrot, Sweetcorn, And Chickpea Salad Is Delicious! It’s often on our menu! The combination of sweetcorn, carrots, and chickpeas, makes a wonderful salad! By the way, it’s super easy to make and goes really nicely with almost anything. The best part about this salad is that my hubby, who has Celiac disease, can safely…

Green Smoothie – Easy And Delicious Breakfast Recipe

recipes - green smoothie - easy breakfast - healthy -
My New favorite Breakfast Idea – A Green Smoothie! A green smoothie is not something we’d normally try but one morning, on a sudden impulse, I decided we should! And since then we’ve had it for breakfast every day for over a week. The same thing for breakfast everyday for over a week? Yes, I…

Three-Ingredient Nutella Croissants

three-ingredient nutella croissants in vintage blue dish on counter
-Nutella Croissants – Three-ingredient Nutella Croissants sounded too good to be true! But I love pastry and adore Nutella so I followed the link anyway! First, a little backstory – I wouldn’t dream of ranking my baking skills with those of the French. One thing those wonderful people, with their fascinating accent, know how to…

Super Easy, Cinnamon Pancakes

recipes - pancake recipe - easy breakfast - freezable -
Pancakes for breakfast anyone? Mmm, yes, please! These super easy cinnamon pancakes are delicious! They’re a great option for breakfast any morning of the week! I make them fairly often. And because I’m a huge fan of bulk cooking I make extra and freeze the batter I don’t use for next time. You can read…

Two-Ingredient Yogurt Icing

Yogurt Icing - easy icing - two-ingredient icing -
Two-Ingredient Yogurt Icing! I recently discovered the yummiest, “sort of healthy,” two-ingredient yogurt icing! I enjoy baking and especially love the easy, quick, recipes that you can make with only a few ingredients! For some reason, when it comes to the icing part I often can’t decide on what topping to make. Icings are not…

Chocolate Ganache Icing – Two-Ingredient Recipe

chocolate ganache - icing - topping -
I am a chocoholic of note! Chocolate Ganache is a heavenly icing made of chocolate and cream. Chocolate has always been one of my weaknesses. I could eat it as a meal. Shocking I know! When I got a little older and wiser. I learned to take care of my health more. Just kidding, older…

Need more ideas for great easy recipes? Try the following books by Jamie Oliver and Danielle Walker!

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