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Looking For Your Next DIY Project? Make This Protea Wall Art!

protea - wall art - home decor - DIY -

Protea Wall Art

Recently a fresh flow of creativity took hold of me. And so I was off to the hardware store to buy the list of things I needed. While I was there I found a stencil for one of my favorite flowers – a protea!

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I arrived home with all my treasure – wood, planks, paint, glue, and the prized stencil. Then I got to work! And from three planks, some wood stain, glue, paint, and sealer this lovely protea wall art emerged.

Our home is in need of some art and photographs and so for a long time, I’ve felt the need to make some. We moved countries a few months ago and left most of our decor behind and I can’t help but feel our naked walls are begging to be decorated.

Proteas are a stunning flower and that kind of simple yet elegant art is just my thing!

So I am one step closer to a more attractive home. And if you’re looking for something fun to make here are the easy DIY steps so that you can add a little fresh burst of pretty to your home too!

I also made a gorgeous tray if you’d like to check it out!

How To Make The Wall Art

What you’ll need:

  • planks (cut to the size you want. I used 27cm x 6.8cm )
  • wood stain (Here’s how to make the stain I use. It’s super easy!)
  • white chalk paint
  • wood glue
  • sandpaper (rough and fine grades)
  • protea stencil or one of your choice (unless you plan to hand paint it)

1. Prepare your wood stain and leave it to sit.

2. Sand your wood until it’s nice and smooth.

3. Then glue the planks together. Remember to follow the instructions on the glue container for the best results.

4. Paint with your wood stain and let it dry completely. The application of the stain will cause the wood to become rough so you’ll need to sand it again.

5. Place your protea stencil on and with a roller brush paint it on. Be careful to have just enough paint on the roller for it to go on smoothly without smudging. Let it dry completely.

6. Then spray your sealer on and sand between coats. But be careful to sand gently over the painted area or you’ll sand off the flower.

7. And finally, turn it over and mark a spot on the back. Drill a nail sized hole in an upwards direction to hang your picture on.

protea - wall art - home decor - DIY -

It’s that easy! It’s simple but so effective and would look lovely hanging in a set of three, on its own, or in a picture gallery.

I’d love to hear if you try it!

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