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7 Best Mother’s Day Activities To Spoil Your Mom

mothers day activities

7 Special Mother’s Day Activities To Celebrate Your Mom

Moms wear so many hats and juggle so many balls with so much love at the heart of all they do. The word ‘mom’ upside down is ‘wow’. And once a year we celebrate mother’s day with fun activities to tell these superheroes in disguise that we love them and we see all they do. It’s definitely a well-deserved celebration!

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It’s not always easy to choose the perfect gift for your mom. All mums like different things and feel special in different ways. So find inspiration looking through these seven awesome ideas for celebrating mother’s day.

7 Special Mother’s Day Activities


1 Spoil Your Mom With a Spa Day

Some mamas couldn’t think of anything better than a day of massages, manicures and pedicures, steamy hot cappuccinos, soft music, and time. All. To. Themselves. You know your mum, so if this is something she’ll love then make a booking or buy a voucher. Vouchers are great because she’ll be able to choose a day that fits in with her busy calendar.

2 Bake Together

This is a great idea when you have little kids. It’s fun for everyone and at the end, you have some delicious mother’s day treats. It’s also an excellent way to keep your kiddos busy and it’s a great time to bond. So, mama, plan a baking day for yourself and your littles, and have fun! Or dad, plan this day for your wife and kiddies. These gluten-free cassava flour cookies are always popular! Or bake your favorite gluten-free cake and top it with this divine two-ingredient yogurt icing. And for the chocolate lovers, these gluten-free chocolate brownies are amazing!

3 Breakfast In Bed

For a mom, waking up to your favorite breakfast in the comfort of your bed is a little slice of heaven. Or something close 😉 Not having to think of all the things everyone needs from the moment of waking is a blissful change. This mother’s day activity is one that’s great for dad to plan and get the kids involved. It’s a definite way to make a mom feel special. Yummy gluten-free pancakes, a green smoothie, or mini crustless quiches are tasty and easy breakfast ideas.

4 Take Her Shopping

Shopping for some ladies is one of the best mother’s day activities! If your mom is a shopaholic then why not spoil her with a day doing exactly that. Shopping. And to make it better you’ll be combining one of her other favorite things, time with you. So go, shop, and enjoy!

5 Draw Her A Bath

Drawing your mum a bath may seem simple but it’ll make her feel so incredibly special that you thought of it. It also gives her relaxing time for herself to regroup and catch up with her thoughts. Don’t forget to add bubbles or her favorite essential oils.

6 Watch Her Favorite Movie Together

This is a fun one for the whole family. Prepare your moms/wifes favorite treats and put on her favorite movie. One thing mamas love is being with their family so watching her favorite movie with her favorite people is a great mother’s day activity. It’s super relaxing and it’s a great way to spend time together.

7 Send Her Flowers

mother's day activities

If in doubt send flowers! Personally I like being given small live plants like cute succulents, or a pretty pot of flowers. While those might last longer nothing says how loved and special you are like a gorgeous bunch of fresh cut, sweet smelling flowers. It’s a lovely way to celebrate your mom/wife and you can add a pretty and thoughtful mother’s day card to tell her just how much you love her.

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