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How I Make Over $1,000 A Month Working Less Than 30 Hours/Week From Home

how to make money from home

How To Make Money From Home

I make money from home by writing easy recipes, sharing DIY tutorials, and more, but today I want to talk about teaching. I work as an online English teacher and earn just over $1,000 a month working 25 hours a week, even though my highest education is a diploma – in HAIRDRESSING.

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When I started I had no experience in teaching English as a language but thankfully teaching English as a foreign language is not limited to degrees or experience.

Of course, a little over $1,000 is not a fortune and yes, you do need to put in the time. This is not about taking surveys online for money. That is not a real job.

Instead, this is a REAL way to make money online working from home, and it’s awesome to see my earnings pop into my PayPal every Monday.

Can You Teach English Online Without a Degree or Experience?

I teach without a degree*

Teaching online is a great way to make money from home and you don’t need teaching experience or a degree but you will need a TESOL certificate (a short simple online course which we’ll talk about just now). So if you’re looking for a way to make money online from home, become an online English tutor!

Is Teaching English Online Worth It?

If you like working from home, choosing your hours, and being your own boss, then, yes, it’s worth it. Because we all want to escape the 9-5, online jobs are great for anyone in any situation.

Whether you’re looking for a stay at home mom job, you want to set your own work-from-home schedule, or you need a second job to save up for something, working from home is a great option.

No Lesson Planning, Classroom Prep, Or Hours Of Marking Homework Assignments

One of the biggest benefits of teaching online is that if you don’t want to do endless lesson planning, hours of classroom preparation, or marking paper after paper – you don’t have to! Of course, this depends on the online school that you choose to work for.

If you choose to work for the same one I do, then you won’t be needing to do any of it. Instead, all you will have to do every morning is sign in, answer a call, and begin teaching anything that a student needs or asks for.

My lessons range from listening to my students read, explaining any questions they might have, friendly conversations, and even word games, like hangman or crossword puzzles. Sound like fun?

Benefits of Making Money From Home

1. Better Work-Life Balance

2. Save on fuel and wear and tear on your car

3. Avoid traffic and long commutes

4. Be your own boss

5. Flexibility to work from anywhere so you can travel and still earn

6. Set your own schedule

7. Earn more based on the hours you choose

8. Take A Vacation Anytime

9. Positive Environmental Impact

10. Money Savings

11. Increased Productivity and Performance

12. A Happier, Healthier Work Life

How Much Money Can I Make As An Online English Teacher Working From Home?

How much you earn online as an English teacher mainly depends on the site you work for. Some tutoring sites have a set rate/hour whether you teach 1 student or a class and it’s usually $10 – $15/hour.

Other online teaching platforms allow you to choose your own rate, then they take a commission. In fact, on these platforms, some tutors charge as high as $50 an hour.

How Much I Earn Working From Home

So, this is what you’ll earn on the site I work for based on the hours you work/week. *On this site, you choose your times and hours whether you work 2 days a week or 7.

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Remember I don’t have a degree and I still make $1,000/+ a month doing less than 30 hours a week. I could earn more but my online teaching job is my side hustle so I don’t put in the time.

  • 20 hours – 4 hours x 5 days a week = $204 ($856.80/month)
  • 30 hours – 6 hours x 5 days a week = $306 ($1,285.20/month)
  • 40 hours – 8 hours x 5 days a week = $408 ($1,713.60/month)
  • 50 hours – 10 hours x 5 days a week = $510 ($2,142.00/month)

It’s not a fortune but it is money every Monday and it pays the bills ;)

Steps To Become An Online English Teacher

So, let’s get into what you need. Countries worldwide like China, Suadi Arabia, and India are hiring online English teachers, however, while they don’t require a degree many of them do look for a TESOL certificate.

Step #1

First, complete an online TESOL course which you can do with International Open Academy and, in fact, they’re running a great discount right now. Because the exam questions are multiple-choice and you don’t have to do any assignments it’s quick and easy.

Other online courses take between 3 – 6 months and require assignments so this one is great value for a small investment of your time.

120 hour TESOL Certificate – (Most complete this in under 40 hours) Click the image to go to the course discount. It will show the full price of $119 but don’t worry your discount code has been added and you will only pay $20 at checkout.

*(TESOL certificates are more widely accepted than TESL and TEFL certificates)*

This course only took me 24 hours and even though it’s advertised as 120 hours most people do it in 24 – 40 hours. Once you’re done you’ll be a certified TESOL instructor with a certificate that is accredited and recognized.

A friend that’s been working as an online English tutor for two years landed his job using this certificate and it’s the only qualification I used when applying for my current teaching job.

Currently, International Open Academy has over 170 accredited online courses that cover many different topics so if you want to check out their other courses follow this link – Up to 80% OFF accredited online courses with certificate. Start studying now!

Step #2

Once you have your certificate you can start applying for jobs online. The best way to is to connect yourself with an online teaching platform because everything is already set up – online classrooms, payment protection, and many even have teaching tools. So all you have to do is open your laptop and start teaching – no lesson planning required.

teach online - online teaching jobs - make money from home - earn extra cash

However, you do need to decide whether or not you want to teach private lessons or a class because some teaching sites expect you to teach both for the same hourly rate.

So, the teaching platform I’m with lets me teach one-on-one lessons completely on my own time, I get paid every Monday and I can teach anything my students need including conversation practice.

In fact, many of my lessons are just friendly conversations.

Cambly is the site I work for

Just searching the site is a little confusing so when you have your TESOL certificate follow this link to go directly to the tutor sign up page

I was working within two weeks after applying for the job I still work at now.

English First is another great option but their application process is a little different.

Also, with English First, you’ll be teaching classes as well as private lessons for the same price.

What Equipment Do You Need To Be Able To Work From Home?

If you have a laptop, a set of earphones, a secure internet connection, and a webcam then you’re all set. Also, you’ll need a quiet space to work in with a neat background. The background can be a plain wall or you can decorate it but just make sure no one can walk behind you while you’re teaching.

So, I use my ancient laptop, a set of earphones that came with my phone, and the webcam on my laptop to teach English.

Main Points On How To Make Money From Home – In Case You Skim Read Like Me ;)

1. Do you need a degree to work online from home? No, you don’t need a degree to work online from home, and amazingly you also don’t need experience because some teaching sites, like Cambly, will hire you.

2. What qualifications do you need to teach English online? So, you’ll need a TESOL certificate which is a simple online course that can be done in just a few days. In fact, the online TESOL course I did is on special right now for $19!

Click the image to go to the course discount –>

International Open Academy

3. How much money can you make working from home with online teaching? Usually, between $1,000 and 3,000 depending on the company you work for and also on the hours you work.

4. What do you need to teach English online? A laptop, earphones, a webcam (your inbuilt webcam is fine), a secure internet connection, and finally a quiet space to work in.

5. Where can I find online teaching jobs? Get paid to chat with people from around the world on Cambly while seeing your earnings appearing in your Paypal every Monday. English First, or VIPkid, along with Cambly are some of the more reliable organizations.

Teaching Not Your Thing? Check Out This List Of Other Legitimate Stay At Home Jobs.

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