Welcome To The Journey! Practical Tips For Life.

Below you’ll find posts with tips on living life to the full!

Life has many things in store for you. Some so incredible you’ll feel on top of the world, and some so crushing you’ll struggle to find the will to go on. But go on you must! Why? Well, because it’s life.

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I’m not telling you to just shut up and cope.

That is not healthy or productive. Many people will tell you to do just that but it’s your choice to listen. So learn not to. Life is about balance and finding joy and contentment whilst working towards your dreams.

It’s also about goals and dreams, failures and successes, loss and gain, and learning.

We never stop learning until we die.

Topics on overcoming insecurities, how to deal with tough situations, learning to be organized in order to make the most of the time you have, motivation for every day, practical life tips, and encouragement from one imperfect Christian to another.

*Take your life into your hands and really live! Don’t just let life happen to you.*


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All Natural-Exfoliating Scrub

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Headlong Into Celiac Living – Tips For Coping With Life As A Celiac

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Quiet Time – Finding The Quiet Because In The Busy We Can’t Hear Him

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Best Tip For Saving Money In 2020

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How To Do Chilled Entertaining

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Why You Should Ditch Your New Years Resolutions

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Carrying The World On Small Shoulders

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What To Expect From Life

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Why You Should Make Time To Do Nothing Everyday

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Putting Life On Hold Because Of Insecurities -Tips To Live A More Confident Life

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Chest Pain? Recognizing The Signs Of Costochondritis

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Homemade Face Toner

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Healthy glowing skin with this incredible natural-ingredient face toner

Tough Times, But Good Times

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Your Life, Your Time. How Will You Live It?

Making Your Moments Count

A Woman Without A Purpose

A Woman Without a Purpose

How To Prepare For A Successful Day

How to Prepare For a Successful Day

How To Plan And Get Stuff Done

How to Plan
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