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Hi, I’m Jo!

I’m a wife, sister, daughter, friend and so grateful for all those amazing relationships! I love my wonderful husband with all my heart! He’s the best!

Family and friends are a huge part of our lives and we are very blessed to know the special people that we do.

Through God’s grace and love; I am a Christian.

I like baking. Unfortunately, I also like eating what I bake. I’m a size 10 (used to be 14) and fight major battles with myself to stay that way!

Once a skeptic, I now defend natural home remedies and love the ones I use.

I’m arty, creative, particular to the tiniest detail, hard-working, sociable, stubborn, and sometimes a perfectionist. I often take on too much and hold myself to an almost unattainable standard.

Work Is My Thing

I love work and I’m one of those people who hate, with a passion, being inactive! I multitask, even when it isn’t necessary. My husband and I have owned and run three successful businesses.

Recently, due to major economic decline, we decided to close down those businesses and move to a new country.

My husband, although a carpenter by trade, has farmed for most of his working life, and is currently doing just that. He loves it! I, among other things, am writing this blog.

 I don’t have a particular reason as to why I am writing it, other than having wanted to for some time and because… Why not?

I firmly believe that with hard work and finding the right balance we can achieve our dreams!

Join me

I’ll be so glad if you’d join me to be inspired, encouraged, practicalized (I know that’s not a word), and motivated, to build your life with the tips on business, recipes, life, and DIY that I share on According to Jo!

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Rebekah, author of Head On Her Shoulders. She talks about how we can #haveitall. And I truly believe we can. Take a look at her website. It’s beautiful and full of great advice on relationships, social life, you time, and so much more!

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