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Insecurities hold us back without us even realizing it. Oh, my word! The number of times in my life I have held back from doing something because I decided to listen to the lies I tell myself!

I can’t even remember all the different occasions I’ve chosen not to do something, or instead, I’ve done something I have regretted, due to my insecurities. Let’s just say there have been too many!

It’s a Choice

So just know if you’re feeling insecure, that’s ok. It’s normal. But there’s an amazing and wonderful fact that you probably don’t know!

IT’S A CHOICE to be insecure! Maybe that sounds a bit harsh but I can say it since I am speaking from experience. I’m not talking about every insecurity but many of the insecurities we each have are by choice.

You have the power to decide how you want to feel about a situation. If you decide to feel positive, then you will feel positive. But if you decide on a negative response… Do you see what I mean?

You can read my disclosure here.

We allow ourselves to hide because something is new, something is hard… and so we build walls around ourselves with bricks of excuses.

We tell ourselves we need protection and because we are proud and don’t want to appear ridiculous we choose not to try and brick by brick we build an “Insecurity Wall”.

But what we don’t realize is that our life becomes smaller and less beautiful.

And so we build…

I’m not as clever as –

I don’t know how to –

I’m not organized enough –

I won’t do it as well –

I don’t work as fast as –

I’m not good-looking –

I don’t have the qualifications –

I’m not good enough –

My home isn’t as nice –

I can’t cook –

I’m not skinny enough –

I don’t make enough –

And that’s just a few!

WOW! That’s ALOT of “I’s”! By the way, one thing we can count on that we are so extremely good at, and we forget to take credit for, is knowing how many faults we have.

Life Is a Great Thing

Limitation ALERT! The wall you’ve built with all your “excuse bricks” keeps you in a cage safe and protected from life. But the terrible thing – that wall also keeps people out.

That’s pretty sad. Life is a good thing. Actually, life is a GREAT thing!

We should all want to live, I mean really LIVE. Life is about trying and failing, laughing and crying, it’s about being imperfect, being vulnerable.

Also, it’s about learning. We are always learning. So if we are learning then, sorry insecurities we are going to fail.

When babies are learning to walk, they fall, numerous times because they are learning. We are learning life – every day.

It’s In Your Hands

You’re the one who decides. Smash down those walls and learn to accept yourself. Everyone else does. Actually everyone else loves you as you are and nine times out of ten someone wants their life to look a little more like yours.

That’s a thought. Someone actually wants their life to look more like yours!

We cease to be effective in any way when we look inward.

We can do so much, give so much when we decide to let go of our protective insecurities.

Beauty in life is not found in perfection. It’s found in the reactions to failure. In rising from the ashes of a broken situation.

The resilience of life standing up and trying again.

Don’t hesitate, break down those walls. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Reject the lies your insecurities tell you about yourself.  

Learn how to really LIVE!

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