Oh my word, the struggle!

There are many, MANY things I want to do in my life. Of course, there’s a lot of stuff that just needs to be done and so like most people I used to prioritize the “needs” over the “wants.” That is until I learned how to plan!

I would, then, tiredly, place the “wants” on my *shelf of dreams*. From time to time, I’d look longingly at them and wish that they could come true – NEVER FOR A MOMENT THINKING THAT THEY COULD!

As time went by they’d begin to fade and disappear into the disappointments of the things “I always wanted to do, but never could”. We all have those!

Then I learned something that incredible group of people “who do well in everything” live by. I don’t love super long intro’s so I’ll just say it…

Planning, organizing, and hard work. Active living! That is how dreams are achieved.

Joanna Steele

So I got going. I found inspiration and began a journey. I tested out the theory and my dreams did “come true” and I never looked back.

You can read my disclosure here.

Now? I set goals and work towards them. Knowing that everyday the little things I do add up and become the fulfillment of the big ones. Goals to Dreams. I work on the things that I want to do just as much as the things I need to do.

All of this I had to LEARN! We never stop learning until we die. SO prepare to learn and have fun along the way. Guaranteed, you will surprise yourself. Here are my 4 simple steps for getting stuff done:

Get Help

If someone’s done it already why should you struggle through on your own? Believe me, you won’t be earning some great medal at the end of it all. More likely, you’ll become overwhelmed and give up. GET HELP! Yes, I have had help in many areas of my life from wonderful people.

My darling older sister, who I adore, started up her blog, Head On Her Shoulders, about a year before I decided to create ‘According to Jo’ and she was a wealth of very helpful info. We screen-shared, WhatsApped, and she became an admin on my site, and soon I had my own little piece of the Internet!

I am very blessed to have an older sister who looks out for me and helps me through anything I feel a bit flakey on. I am sure you have someone you know you can ask. So find them, and ask them!

Have a Plan!

Oh, the ever-important plan! Maybe you don’t like to put down every little detail and decide where best to start. I agree, spontaneity is a wonderful thing but it doesn’t work for every area of life. So if you don’t have a plan – Make one! NOW is a great time to do just that.

A plan is just a picture written in words.

Joanna Steele

Now that you have your plan written down, you can “see” where you’re headed.

That’s a good place to be. It means the end is also in sight.

Set Goals

Goals are the steps that lead to dreams. They really are!

I’ve found that to be true by learning how to live it. I have achieved dreams. And now, I have new ones!

So SET those goals. Work them into your plan as little steps that you just KNOW you can do. Then do them. Before you know it, you’ll blink and realize you’re halfway up the mountain and the view of the top looks pretty amazing from there.

Then complete your next set of goals and when you’ve reached the top, pause for a while to appreciate it. Now, knowing what you know, move on.

Dreams ARE NOT a faint mist that fades away. Achieve your dreams. You can do anything!

Pay Someone to Coach You!

(yes, it’s money but it’s so worth your time!)

I thought I’d positively HATE this. I was so wrong! Coaching has shaped much of who I am and how I achieve the goals and dreams I have today. It changes your thinking and helps you to challenge yourself and grow in the most positive ways!

If you like the sound of that, try out Laurie! She is dynamic! So much of my life is built using the great tools she has given me in the sessions I have taken with her.

Yes, I paid for them. Worth. Every. Dollar!

You definitely NEED to meet Laurie. Visit her website, www.lauriecoaching.com, and take a great step towards getting stuff done! Not sure it’s your thing? She offers a FREE Discovery Call to see if coaching would benefit you.

So, get organized, inspired, excited, and start getting stuff done!

There is NEVER a better time than “now”!

Joanna Steele

I’d love to hear how you reach your dreams! Make it a goal to pop back in six weeks, three months, a year, and tell me about the dreams you’ve worked into being!

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