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Gluten-Free Easter Eggs

gluten free lindt easter bunny

Gluten-Free Easter Eggs List

It’s that season again. Egg rolling, egg decorating, Easter egg hunts, Easter decorations, and lots of candy and chocolate. All to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus after His crucifixion. So many of the festivities call for chocolate or candy but where does that leave you, dear gluten-free dieter, is there such a thing as gluten-free easter eggs?

gluten free easter eggs - colorful eggs - painted eggs - pastel eggs

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Wouldn’t it be fun if we only gave up gluten for lent? But, no, the gluten-free diet cannot be played with. And so, what chocolates or candy can we enjoy during the Easter season? Fortunately for you and me, there is quite a long list of gluten-free easter eggs! So take your pick from this gluten-free easter eggs list of safe chocolates and candy to enjoy this Easter season including an amazing 3-ingredient chocolate recipe.

DISCLAIMER – As always be safe and check those labels. All gluten-free Easter egg guides below are for informational purposes and were correct at the time of publishing. Always double-check the Easter egg is gluten-free as ingredients may change. Allergens should always be included and stated on the label.

Easter Chocolate Recipe

There are so many gluten-free easter egg options it almost seems all easter chocolate and candy is gluten-free. But as always be careful and check those labels. Many but not all are gluten-free.

easter chocolate recipes - homemade chocolate - 3 ingredient chocolate

Happily, the list of gluten-free candy is so long that we are spoiled for choice! So before we explore the store-bought options, check out this divine homemade chocolate recipe for easter. Did I mention it’s ONLY THREE INGREDIENTS? Ok, on to the lists.

List of Cadbury Gluten Free Easter Eggs

Cadbury has a large range of chocolates and candy that are safe for celiac and gluten intolerant people. These make egg hunts so fun thanks to the colorful packaging! So definitely add some of these to your Easter egg shopping list.

  • Cadbury Orange twirl easter egg
  • Cadbury Twirl easter egg
  • Dairy milk Buttons easter egg
  • Cadbury Creme egg easter egg
  • Cadbury Crunchie easter egg
  • Mini Eggs easter egg
  • Cadbury Flake easter egg
  • Cadbury Roses easter egg
  • Fry’s Turkish delight egg
  • Green & Black’s Organic dark chocolate egg

Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Eggs

If you are also looking for dairy-free easter eggs you’re in luck because the chocolate and candy companies did not overlook you, friend. Five different options of easter chocolate or candy offer a small but ample choice.

  • Moo Free Bunnycomb easter egg
  • Wicked kitchen poppin candy orange easter egg
  • Wicked kitchen fruity chocolate egg
  • Nomo Caramel egg
  • Nomo little monster egg
gluten free easter eggs - gold wrapped easter eggs

Image by Pat_Photographies from Pixabay

Gluten-Free Chocolate Easter Eggs

Now for the chocolate! I like all candy but chocolate is definitely my one weakness. This chocolate easter egg list is for all those chocolate lovers out there and it is rather a long and exciting list!

  • Nestle Milkybar small easter egg
  • Nestle Aero peppermint chocolate egg
  • Galaxy Minstrels chocolate egg
  • Galaxy Ripple chocolate egg
  • Terry’s Chocolate orange white chocolate egg
  • M&Ms Brownie chocolate egg
  • M&Ms Salted Caramel chocolate eggs
  • Thortons Milk chocolate Dinosaur egg
  • Lindt gold bunny white chocolate egg
  • Kinder Surprise Egg
  • Reese’s Easter egg

Easter Candy & Treats

This list is full of fun gluten-free easter treats to tempt your taste buds and they also go great in Easter egg hunts or as easter desserts.

  • Maynards Bassetts Jelly baby chicks
  • Mini Egg easter baking basket gift set
  • Cadbury Creme eggs gift tin
  • Mini eggs Cadbury chocolate bar
  • Dairy milk Cadbury hot cross bun bar
  • Wicked kitchen Benny the bunny
  • Reese’s Peanut butter cup bunny
  • Kinder Egg hunt kit and mini eggs
  • Kinder Surprise easter bunny
  • Kit Kat Milk chocolate mini eggs
  • Kit Kat Bunny
  • Terrys Chocolate orange mini eggs
  • Lindt White and Dark chocolate easter bunny
  • Lindt Lindor white chocolate eggs
  • Ferrero Rocher Squirrel

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