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This Homemade Face Toner Is Amazing! Try The Recipe And See What It Does For Your Skin!

face toner - clear skin -

Homemade Face Toner Recipe

There are so many out there, how on earth do you know which face toner is going to work for your skin type or your budget and do you really need one? What are they actually for? Do they work?

face toner - skin care -

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I’m not selling you anything so don’t run away. This toner is health and budget-friendly and you’ve probably heard of it before. The best part is you can make it in your kitchen!

Believe me, it’s worth a try. Your face will thank you.  

So I’m going to tell you why everyone, EVEN men, should be using one and give you the recipe for the BEST toner I’ve EVER used.

You’ll notice a great difference and so will others. Trust me you’ll be convincing family and friends to use it too.

I’ll also tell you what it does for your skin. I’m blown away by how it worked on my skin and have not stopped using it since a close friend told me about it around two years ago.

How I Found Out About It

Ok, so this close friend has always had great skin and I’ve often wished mine was more look hers. At one of our much loved, fab coffee dates I noticed her skin looking beautiful as normal but that day there was more of a glow. I complimented her on it. With a twinkle in her eye, she said, “I’ve been using this new face toner. It’s so amazing!” So, she told me how to make and use it.

I couldn’t wait to try!

As soon as I could get the ingredients, I made some and began. My friend told me to be patient and give it a month’s trial but I saw results in two weeks!

I never had “bad” skin, and with a little makeup I could make it look great, but of course, none of us ever wants to see even one blemish on our faces so I LOVED the results.

Now I’ve bravely done before and after pictures with no makeup except a little mascara to show you what this face toner can do for you!

face toner - clear skin -

– Before –
Sun kisses and quite a few of those awful little spots that we all hate! No filter used.
face toner - home made face toner - skin care -

– After –
A little mascara, no other makeup, the sun kisses, and much clearer skin! No filter used.

There was such a drastic difference! I’m so glad I tried it and I’ve been hooked for the last two years!

I also use this two-ingredient all-natural homemade scrub. It’s is amazing!

All-Natural Exfoliating Scrub

Why Everyone Including Men Should Be Using A Face Toner

So our skin has a protective layer on it called the acid mantle. A whole lot of skin problems can arise if the pH level of the skin is out of balance.

But what we are focusing on is breakouts and blemishes. So let’s talk more about that. Facial skin is extremely delicate. Face washes, soaps, scrubs, creams, and any other products we use unbalance the acid mantle that we so desperately need to keep happy in order to keep that gorgeous glow and smooth skin.

So This Is Where A Good Face Toner Comes In

After the wash or scrub, the acidity level on your skin is low and needs to be brought back up again. Toners are acidic so they help restore the protective layer which helps prevent breakouts.

It’s quite scientific-sounding but the point is, everyone needs a face toner!

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My husband has sun damage on his facial skin. Tiny little cracks that can’t be seen but they cause flaking and burning irritation. I have tried everything and found one cream that helped but didn’t completely restore or protect his skin.

We were treating the symptoms but not going to the root of the problem.

After a lot of persuasion, he finally used the toner. It didn’t just help a little. It worked WONDERS!

He has great skin in general, especially considering his skincare routine. My gorgeous man is the clean-is-important-but-don’t-ask-me-to-put-cream-on kind of guy.

But with this toner, the small areas of sun damage on his face disappeared leaving his facial skin looking gorgeous all over. It’s all he uses. No cream involved.

So, basically, if the acid mantle on your face is at its’ happy balance your skin is healthier, glowier, and better protected against the bacteria that cause breakouts.

I’m going to say it again -EVERYONE NEEDS a face toner!

Here’s the Recipe for the BEST Face Toner I’ve EVER Used

face toner - skin routine - clear skin - face care -

So it really is as great as I’m saying but try it for yourself then you’ll see what I mean.

What You’ll Need

A clean glass bottle – I use a 125ml bottle. It finishes pretty fast but that’s great as you don’t want the ingredients losing their strength. So don’t go too big on the bottle.

The three ingredients:

face toner - skin care routine - clear skin - glowing skin -

Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, and Water
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Tee Tree Oil
  • Water

How to Make it

You can always play around with the ratios, I did and now have the exact combination that works for my skin.

NEVER use neat apple cider vinegar on your skin. That’ll make it harsh not helpful.

Here are some combinations to start with and you can refine them to suit your skin:

What I use:

  • 25% Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 75% Water (mineral is said to work better, I’ve tried both with the same results – clear skin)
  • 8 – 10 drops Tea Tree Oil

I have a dry sensitive skin type and any stronger than this is too harsh for my skin.

My husband uses the same combination. His facial skin is neither dry nor oily except for the small areas with the sun damage which were dry and sensitive before using the toner. The exact combination I use on my dry skin works perfectly for him too.

It might also be great for your skin so it could be a good place to start and you can always tweak from there.

Two important tips, start slow on the Tea Tree. I started with 3 drops and went up from there. And VERY Important. Mixing it too strong is NOT going to make it better. So don’t go stronger than the following combination because instead of that great glowing skin, you’re dreaming of you’ll end up with fragile skin and an unbalanced acid mantle. We already discussed why that’s bad!

No stronger than this:

  • 50% Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 50% Water
  • 3 – 12 drops Tea Tree Oil (you can go with more if you’d like but I’ve found the best results with between 8 – 10 drops


Benefits For Your Skin

Apple cider vinegar works to balance the pH level of your skin. Tea Tree oil is antibacterial and anti-fungal.

The water softens the mixture making it into the perfect, antibacterial, anti-fungal, pH balancing, amazing face toner.

I won’t say you’ll never get a pimple because diet and hormones play a big part but I will say you’ll see the following:

  • Smaller pores – so, smoother looking skin
  • Dark marks and scars fade and many disappear
  • Dry skin loses that tight stretched feeling and is much less dry
  • Makes skin less oily
  • Slows down aging and wrinkles
  • Helps skin shed dead skin cells
  • Breakouts are almost non-existent

How to Use The Toner

Wash your face morning and night. Then apply the toner using cotton wool. I use it on my face, neck, upper back, shoulders, and upper chest.

Important: leave it to dry for at least ten minutes before applying a moisturizer. You may find you don’t actually need one. It might feel a little tight for a few minutes but that’s normal. Give it time to work.

Just a side tip – I also use it on my toenails and heels. Because it helps shed dead skin cells it improves dry heels and it’s great on nails too. It makes them stronger and keeps away those gross fungal things no one wants.

Related Tips For Facial Care

As you know facial skin is delicate and needs gentle care. In addition to using a great toner, we also need to use a gentle exfoliator to help our skin get rid of any dead skin cells the toner might have missed. Also, you need to be careful what sponge you wash your face with.

1. Exfoliating

Exfoliating your facial skin helps to keep your skin softer and more youthful by getting rid of dead skin cells. It also helps your skin to absorb moisturizer better.

Read more about the awesome benefits of an exfoliating scrub and get the two-ingredient recipe for an all-natural homemade face/body scrub here.

2. What Are You Washing Your Face With?

Please tell me your answer was not a bath sponge or exfoliating loofah! Even when used very gently those are just far too harsh for facial skin. The damage won’t show immediately but over-time the constant pulling and scratching from harsh sponges will speed up wrinkles and cause tiny breaks in your skin which may become home to pimple-causing bacteria.

So what should you wash your face with? Your hands – or if you prefer a sponge.

Face Toner And Face Care In A Nutshell

Facial skin is sensitive and needs gentle daily care. So, it’s important to have a good skincare routine that uses a face toner to balance the ph level, an exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells, moisturize, and always be extremely gentle when washing with your hands or a sponge.

What It’ll Cost You

It’s going to cost around a dollar or two a month to make both the face toner and the exfoliating scrub. Gorgeous, glowing, healthy skin, for a dollar or two? Yes, please!

So try the toner for a month and check back in with your feedback. I’d love to hear how it’s worked for you!

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