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I’m a very detailed person! Super detailed! So, everything I do needs to be done to the last possible detail. Entertaining is one of those things. I never used to be one of those people who could plan an event with the seeming effortlessness of breathing!

Thankfully I’m learning to be!

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My sister is though! She throws gorgeous parties, perfect theme, perfect food, details and all! She puts so much effort in and it always comes out a great success. And she doesn’t seem to get too stressed with all the planning and organizing.

So what was I doing wrong? I could do the same thing, great party, yummy food, awesome theme. But unlike my sister, I’d get worked up about it all and worry it wouldn’t be great. Why? Because I’d get lost in the dratted details!

The success of anything is in the effectiveness of simplicity.

Joanna Steele

In entertaining – simplicity is your best friend. Well, it’s mine, anyway. Once I got over my crazy need to focus on the details I found what works for me.

Simple Entertaining

You need a plan – food, decor for your theme, drinks, music, and not much else really. The rest kind of flows together unplanned.

Until I learned to take a page out of my sister’s book I’d plan too many detailed and complicated things. Then I’d get worked up because I was super focused on a thousand things.

To be brutally honest, guests don’t care about the details.

Relaxed hosts, good food, a refreshing drink, and great music, are all your guests need to have a good time.

So I decided to upsize my ideas and downsize my details. Once I began to focus on big, effective, yet simple, things began to flow.

Focus On These Steps –

  • Choose the most practical space in your home and make it work.
  • Decide on simple food that won’t take hours or break the bank.  
  • Choose great music. The instrumental version of popular tracks works so well for ambiance.
  • Make a punch and have water available. (Set up for self-service)
  • Set up a self serve tea and coffee station

By the way, if you need ideas for easy food and drink check out Kay’s book, The Art of the Party. She shares over 90 deliciously simple recipes for drinks and finger food that can be made ahead of time. Plus great tips from the guest list to a pain-less cleanup.

Be Part Of It!

Don’t be “the host that’s never seen” because you’re so busy getting things that you could have just set up for people to get for themselves.

People relax and enjoy themselves more when what they want is easily accessible instead of having to find you and ask for something they might need.

The more you do beforehand the less you’ll feel crazy on the day and you’ll be free to just enjoy and mingle.

I want to do a Pizza Party next time we host! It takes a bit of pre-planning but on the day you can relax completely! And plus it’s super fun! Here’s how to throw the best pizza party!

Don’t Do Things How I Used To!

Four different types of fancy snacks, three different types of cold drinks. No self serve coffee/tea station. The menu planned from starters, to main, to dessert. Disaster!

I’d get myself worked up and would freak out when one small thing didn’t go according to plan! Not worth it!

Entertaining is about enjoying time with people. It can be done simply, yet beautifully. 

By the way, the devil is certainly in the details. So chuck them! Simplify your entertaining strategy and enjoy your next social event!

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