Let Your Brain Rest!

In this world of screens, music, and every possible form of ever-present stimulation we barely ever have an opportunity to just enjoy downtime.

Even when you’re sitting still but using your phone your body is at rest but your brain is going full steam ahead!

Ever heard the saying, “running around like a headless chicken?” I won’t go into the gruesome details of the saying but to give you the picture a headless chicken runs around in random directions.

That’s exactly how I feel sometimes. Life gets busy and full and the to-do lists are endless. And I get lost in it all.

I find myself so overwhelmed by the millions of things to focus on that I end up running around starting on one thing and then moving to the next without finishing the first thing!

I am never productive in this frame of mind. Like a headless chicken, I act as though I’ve lost all connection with my brain and run around with no direction.

Looking busy but achieving nothing!

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How To Avoid This

The solution is simple! Downtime – making time to do nothing. We so easily undervalue the importance of it. A lot of the time just doing nothing is not an option because it’s seen as unproductive. And because, life doesn’t seem to have room for that, right?

Wrong! So wrong, actually. We need to MAKE the time to do nothing. It should be one of our steps for having a successful day.

When we decide to take a break it gives our brain freedom from distractions and sharpens our ability to be creative and productive. Another thing it will help you to manage is stress.

We are all under stress and constant stimulation of our brain adds to that stress.

According to Live Science, our brains never actually stop working. So when we disengage from everything, our brains don’t actually stop, instead they use the freedom from all the stimulation to re-center, refocus, and build up our creativity which makes us more productive. Win, win, right?

If you want to add great value to your life – make time to do nothing.

Great Ways To Enjoy Downtime

Immerse yourself in nature, or at least get close to it with a drink of your choice in hand. Leave that phone in the house. Just sit and sip and enjoy the quiet.

My husband and I love sitting on our veranda enjoying the fairy lights, listening to the sounds of the evening, and sipping a drink while looking out into the garden. We don’t do it often enough!

During your workday go and get a cup of coffee. We all need coffee but more importantly, we all need to do nothing! And again leave your phone behind. Go and make your coffee and enjoy drinking a few sips for five minutes before returning to work.

Maybe you’re a mom and you’re thinking where the heck are you going to find even five minutes to do nothing. Put on your kids’ favorite show for five minutes and while they’re distracted instead of catching up on everything you need to do – enjoy some downtime! You deserve it!  

On your way to work if you’re not driving, don’t spend the time working on your phone or laptop! For at least half of the drive, just sit and enjoy the scenery.

Take a swim.

Sit in front of a cozy fire and allow yourself to get lost in the flames.

Go for a walk. Enjoy the fresh air and view.

Watch a sunset. There is something so peaceful about watching the day come to an end. It’s a great way to get some downtime!

The Difference

I know it’s not always possible but if you can find just twenty minutes a day to disengage and let your brain rest you’ll notice a difference!

Before I started taking small breaks to do nothing, I’d often find myself staring at my work wondering what the heck I was focusing on the moment before.

I now know that that’s when I need to hop up, take myself away from what I was doing and allow my brain to rest.

If you do this everyday you’re going to see a boost in your productivity. You’ll be more focused, creative, and definitely less stressed.

So enjoy that downtime!

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