Easy DIY Guides For Home Decor And Homemade Care Products

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Get itchy fingers when you don’t make or do something creative? I do! DIY projects are a constant part of my life.

I LOVE the feeling of satisfaction when a project begins to take shape and starts to look as planned! Painting, wall art, woodwork – I love all of it!

You’ll find all my projects below with easy guides on how to make them. Some are more simple and others more complicated but find what sparks your creativity and get making! Have fun!

*Creativity is a gift that should never be wasted so make beautiful things!*


DIY’sdownload chocolate ganache - accordingtojo.com

Make This Vintage Tray In Eight Steps

vintage tray - DIY - home decor - accordingtojo.com

Protea Wall Art

protea - wall art - home decor - DIY - accordingtojo.com

Make This Gorgeous Wood Stain, You’ll Be Using It On Everything!

wood stain - how to stain wood - diy - accordingtojo.com

Homemade Body Scrub – How to make it and why exfoliation is important

Three-Ingredient Face Toner Recipe – Find out what it is and why EVERYONE should be using one

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