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Hi, I’m Jo, the author

I’m artistic, creative, and love a challenge.

I believe life is a gift and there are so many incredible things that we can learn and experience. I also believe that we should spend the time we’ve been given wisely.

My world used to be so small because of all the excuses I lived by.

Excuses like, I can’t do that, my talents don’t stretch that far, I’m not good enough – the list is endless.

But one day, I learned to let go, and suddenly my world opened up to so many possibilities. If you want to hear more about how insecurities held me back read my post Putting Life On Hold Because Of Insecurities.

Now I love new things! I let go of the insecurity that tells me my voice is not worth hearing and started this blog to share tips that have helped me learn to live actively instead of just letting life pass by.

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I love writing about

The main focus of this blog is gluten-free food. After my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease a few years ago I focused my energy on creating fun, simple, few ingredient gluten-free recipes. Starting a gluten-free diet is not easy and finding tasty easy recipes can also be challenging. Check out how to start a gluten-free diet.

Spending ages in the kitchen trying to decide what to cook is something I hate so my Recipes section is a collection of my favorite recipes that are generally super quick and easy to make.

Many of them are 2-ingredient gems that look and taste amazing but don’t take up all your time! You can download all of my recipe cards for free. There’s a download link in each recipe post. This two-ingredient Yogurt Icing is my favorite and if you’re a chocolate lover this easy two-ingredient Chocolate Ganache icing recipe is amazing!

My blog posts on life are found under the Life section – this topic covers a few things. Encouragement, insecurities, purpose, health issues, and motivation.

Things I’ve struggled with and also things I’ve learned from others. Life is complicated and sometimes so so tough but it’s also beautiful. We just need to know how to see its’ beauty.

If you love DIY you’ll find some fun projects under that section.

I am a lover of DIY. So my DIY section talks about natural products for home use and the orders my husband and I worked on together for our custom made furniture and home decor store.

There is nothing like that feeling of satisfaction when you finish a beautiful project or make a useful home product that helps save some money! Love DIY!

Let’s Talk Business is full of advice for small business owners. How to deal with difficult clients, run a business, or prepare to open one, are some of the topics. The posts are written from the experience we gained through the three successful businesses we opened and ran together.

If you have a question on any of the above topics that I haven’t answered with a blog post yet, contact me! I’d love to hear your thoughts and might have some tips to help.

Jo, x

“Be still and know that I am God,” Psalm 46:10 / Celiac Living, Easy Gluten-Free Recipes, Life, Health, and DIY According to Jo -