How To Spend Less Time Cooking

Who hates spending too much time in the kitchen? I definitely do! All that time, the endless meals that are eaten in about one-quarter of the time they took to make, blinking in the light of the refrigerator willing some form of creativity that is clearly not there to spring up and help you decide what to make – again. I’ve done this. Over and over again. Until I got so incredibly sick of it and discovered the best solution! Bulk Cooking.

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Fab Kitchen Friend

Don’t get me wrong there are times I enjoy cooking. That’s when I have a fab kitchen friend to keep me company, a glass of wine in one hand and some music. Then cooking is an occasion!

Let’s face it though. Most of the time there is no friend or music and – no wine! There’s only the mundane task of cooking in front of you even though you already did it that day – TWICE!

Take heart, friends, there is a simple solution! It’s so simple I could kick myself for not doing it before!

The Simple Solution

So one day, maybe because the sane, practical side of me decided to show her face (that happens on occasion, although I do wish it was more often) I was about to cook again and suddenly thought, “why am I doing this?” I mean we all know WHY we cook – our family needs to eat and so do we.

That’s not what my question to self meant. It was a prompt, why are you doing this the WAY you do it? You plan and organize other areas of your life, why not this?

Why Not Plan What To Cook And When?

Light bulb! I never used to plan what to cook, instead I’d avoid it till the last minute and then force myself to go and do what needs to be done. Stare in the fridge, decide the menu, change the menu, finally decide with frustration and begin the task, then watch it disappear with the sinking feeling of knowing it’ll happen again in a few short hours.

Sound familiar?

Well, let’s change it up. I have and so can you! You will not be sorry you did! Now, I’m excited when I have to think about a meal because it’s already done. Thanks, sane, practical me!

It’s Not Meal Planning

I’m not talking about meal planning and shopping for specifics (some people are great at this, not me). So all I’m saying is cook extra – bulk cook.

It’s that simple.

I mean you’re cooking anyway, so why not cook more than you need to. Make two meals instead of one.

You’ll need more meat, veggies, spices, etc. but what you won’t need more of is time.

Ok, maybe ten extra minutes on the prep but at the end of an hour and a half you’ll have not one, about-to-be-devoured-in-three-seconds-meal, but two yummy meals in almost the same amount of time.

Congrats, you just saved yourself the cooking time and thought!

You Don’t Have to Repeat Meals

I know what you’re thinking. Now you have to eat the same meal twice in a row and that’s boring. You’re wrong. There are plenty of meals that are good to freeze and keep really well. Stew, soup – butternut freezes really well too.

There are so many ideas on Pinterest and *surprise* I’ve made a list of delicious, easy meals to make and freeze. You might have to cook a few very simple and quick side dishes but the main event that’ll take the hour and a half will just need warming up.

If you’ve read, “Croissants? I can’t Make Those!” you’ll know I’m all about quick and easy! So get my bulk cooking list. It’s free!

Make Your Life Easy!

My “Make Your Life Easy – Bulk Cook!” list has five yummy, freezer-friendly recipes on it. Creative thinking has been done. So get the list and bulk cook because you have better things to do! Like spending time with your precious family, getting in a bit of work, or just enjoying downtime.

No more blinking in the refrigerator light summoning that creativity. Are the meals healthy? Yes. Quick? Yes. Budget-friendly? Yes! Will you have the ingredients? Yes, and if not it’s veg, meat, pasta, nothing exotic that none of us can pronounce!

Try my list. And then tell me what you think. I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Bulk Cooking!

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