Before You Open Your Business

You’re opening a business? Congratulations! That’s exciting! It will be one of the most rewarding and difficult decisions you’ll ever make! Before you open your doors read this to boost your business confidence and help to prepare you mentally for your entry into the world of entrepreneurs.

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This is all about confidence and mental preparation to be a great entrepreneur but if you’d like a list of the things you need to get done for the legal side of a successful business then read, Rebekah’s article, Set Up Your Business For Success. It’s clear cut, easy to follow and very helpful.

Starting up and running a business has many great rewards. Of course, like every good thing, it will have downsides too. So before you open up your “doors” here are some things you’ll be glad you know.

Four Confidence Builders To Know Before You Open Your Business

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Good Business Is Backed By Having A Good Mindset

1. You Can Do It

One of the hardest things about opening and running a business is believing in yourself and knowing that your product or service is valuable. There will be days when you’ll question it all. Sometimes others won’t believe in the service or product. There will be times when things don’t go according to plan.

So when you have a bad day take time to re-focus. Your ideas are worthwhile and you can do whatever it is you want to. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. So, take it one step at a time, there is so much value in pacing yourself! It’s one of the four tips I talk about in How To Run a Business and Be Great At It.

2. Know Your “Why” and Go For it

Armed with the knowledge that you can do it, your next step is to actively decide from all the plans in your head what exactly you want for your business, and why you wanted to open in the first place. Then set goals to achieve your dream.

Something my husband started saying to me in the early stages of our businesses was, plans and plans and plans because I’d come up with a thousand great ideas every day that I’d want us to do. I soon started saying it back to him because he did too!

But from all those plans and dreams for our businesses, we decided what we wanted and we went for it. We had a vision.

Having a reason why you began in the first place will help to keep you on track and working productively.

Among other important things, one of our main goals was to get out of a debt we had incurred due to theft at a previous company. We knew what we wanted and how we wanted our businesses to run and we worked towards it every day. We also knew what was riding on it and that helped us to have the discipline to keep going.

Keeping a clear goal of what you want for yourself and your business helps to keep you focused and working hard. When the tough days hit you’ll be glad you took the time to actively decide your direction. So, before you open, decide your “why.” It’ll keep you pushing through.

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3. It’s About The Presentation

Another thing that’s so vitally important when starting up or running a business is how you sell it to the people you care about. Especially if what you do or offer is something unusual. I don’t mean selling them the service or products, that’s definitely something you don’t want to do. They’re your friends and family, don’t make them your clients!

So what I’m talking about is how you describe exactly what it is that your business is and does. Doing this well will help boost your confidence and help keep your sanity in check because many people won’t get that you’re actually happy with what you do.

Most people can’t cope with the idea of not having a job. There’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve been there. There is security in a paycheck at the end of the month, knowing where you belong, and that it’s nine to five.

However, when you come along as an entrepreneur, especially one who’s just starting out, people feel sorry for you! Even if you’re happy with where you’re at.

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Once after explaining to someone our work, mentioning that it was profitable and that we both enjoyed working for ourselves, I was met with a sympathetic look and A COMMENT I NEVER FORGOT.

“You both work so hard, don’t worry a job will come up soon.” And just like that, in a few short words, they summed up just how much they didn’t get it. We didn’t want a job. We were on our own time, building our own dream, one goal at a time.  

4. Let The Words Roll Off 

It stopped me in my tracks and made me wonder if we were actually doing a good job and if we were happy. One comment was all it took and I started second-guessing even though I knew we enjoyed our work. Yes, it was hard and we worked all hours but it was what we wanted and we were happy in it.

Do you see the danger? One comment. It’s great to take advice but as a business owner, know one thing – LET THE WORDS ROLL OFF. Decide what is valuable and let the rest go without taking offense.

I don’t mean every word, because feedback is helpful and if you want your business to be any good you’ll know the value of always being open to learning new things and molding your company to always be better than it already is.

So, I’m talking about the words that may have been well-meant but instead left you feeling like the wind was sucked from your sails – let those words go.

Final Recap Before You Open Your Business

Know you CAN do it! Decide your “why” and go for it. Think about a great description of what you do to get positive responses from people and let go of that feedback that doesn’t help.

So, open your business and have fun with it!

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